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Desiccant Breathers

Desiccant breathers are moisture control solutions designed to protect industrial equipment, storage tanks, and containers from contamination and damage caused by moisture and particulate ingress.

Our desiccant breathers are filled with highly absorbent desiccant materials such as silica gel or molecular sieves, effectively capturing and retaining moisture from the air entering the system, thereby preventing water vapour from condensing inside the equipment or container.

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High Moisture Absorption

The core of the desiccant breather is filled with silica gel or a molecular sieves that can absorb a significant amount of moisture relative to its weight, ensuring long-lasting protection against humidity.

Particulate Filtration

Equipped with multi-tiered filtration technology, desiccant breathers not only prevent moisture ingress but also trap particles, protecting sensitive equipment components from contamination.

Strong Durability Resistance

Designed to withstand harsh environments, our desiccant breathers are constructed with durable materials that resist vibration, shock, and chemical exposure, ensuring reliable performance.

Efficient Moisture Absorption

Transformer Breathers

Transformer breathers are protective devices designed to maintain the integrity and extend the lifespan of electrical transformers by controlling the level of moisture entering the system.

These breathers work by filtering and absorbing moisture from the air that enters the transformer during the normal thermal breathing process, thereby preventing the degradation of the insulating oil and the internal components of the transformer.

Durable Construction

Tank Vent Dryers

Tank Vent Dryers are designed to protect storage tanks, reservoirs, and containers from contamination and damage caused by moisture ingress.

Prevent contaminants from entering the tank or reservoirs during material retrieval due to operational demand, thermal breathing, and changes in atmospheric pressure.

These devices ensure that the air entering the tank during operational processes, such as pumping out liquid or thermal breathing, is dry and free from particulates, thereby safeguarding the contents and maintaining the integrity of the storage system.

Easy Visual Inspection

Pipeline Dryer

Pipeline Dryers are specialised devices designed to ensure the integrity and efficiency of pipeline systems by effectively removing moisture from gases or air before they enter or circulate through the pipeline.

These breathers are essential in various applications, including natural gas processing, pneumatic systems, and other applications where moisture could degrade the product’s quality, lead to pipeline corrosion, or interfere with operational efficiency.