How to Shrink Wrap Your Own Hamper

Shrink Wrap

How to Shrink Wrap Your Own Hamper

Hampers are great gifts for any occasion. They give off a festive feeling and can be customised to suit the occasion with items valuable to everyone, no matter gender or age. You can even make them at home with only a few materials needed.

Wrapping a hamper can be difficult, especially if we want it to look good. This blog will be a simple step-by-step guide on wrapping a hamper using shrink wrap.

Hamper gift ideas

The possibilities for what to include in a gift basket are limitless as gift baskets may be used for various festivals and events. Hence, deciding what to include in a gift basket can be quite challenging. Here are some ideas you can consider for a gift basket:

  • Unique items from local shops
  • Handmade products
  • Teas or any seasonal beverage
  • Gift vouchers
  • Tickets or event gift cards
  • Anything related to the theme (e.g., baby items for a shower, snacks for Chinese New Year)

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap (also referred to as shrink film) is a flexible polymer material used for the packaging of finished goods. Heat is applied to the film by an electric or gas heat gun, causing it to shrink closely around the item placed within. This procedure creates a clear, long-lasting layer of protection around the goods.

Shrink wrap film comes in a range of types, thicknesses, clarities, strengths, and shrink ratios that may be used alone or in combination to produce the exact layering and protection for your goods. These alternatives and constructions have evolved to meet specific needs for sealability, optics, durability, slip, temperature, force, and other factors.

Why use shrink wrap?

Shrink wrapping is a simple method that requires only two items: the proper type of plastic wrap and heat. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your item and seals itself. It can make any items waterproof, weatherproof, and tamperproof. Since shrink wrapping things have no size restrictions, you can even safeguard large objects. Shrink wrap plastic is also recyclable; after using it, put it in with your other plastic bags to be recycled.

Shrink wrapping has many uses in various industries since it is simple to use and provides several benefits. Here are a few examples:

Provides protection

When shrink wrap is heated, it forms a tight seal that completely protects the contents. Once sealed, the products are safe from harm caused by dust, grime, or moisture. Some shrink wrap also includes UV protection to protect things from the sun.


Shrink wrap is made out of strong and durable plastic. It is extremely tough to rip or puncture. Shrink wrap, unlike other materials, does not become brittle or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing greater security.

Aids in Branding

Shrink wrap has the benefit of being able to be customised with colours, phrases, photos, and logos to help market items. The product conveys the company’s brand from the manufacturing floor to the end consumer. This marketing technique may raise brand awareness and make a company more visible to prospective clients.

Assists in the Preservation of Perishable items

Food is often placed in hampers, but they are easily perishable hence keeping them fresh in hampers is a challenge. Food-grade shrink wrap is beneficial since exposure to external factors may cause deterioration faster. Thus, sealing of food will ensure fresh food is supplied.

Hamper preparation

  1. Materials needed
  1. Gift container

Wicker baskets are a popular type of gift container. Boxes are another good option because they are fairly sturdy and can be used as storage boxes afterward.

  1. Base

For the base, newspapers are an excellent option. The newspapers prevent heavier items from sinking to the bottom of the basket and it is important as the products have to be clearly in sight. Newspapers are also stiff and affordable, allowing you to use less of other void fillers.

  1. Filler

Place some kraft paper or packing peanuts on top of your newspaper after it is in place. You may choose any colour you like; however, it is recommended to choose a complementing colour (that complements the ribbon or bow) or neutral colour to make your items stand out.

  1. Products

Keep the following in mind when placing items in the gift basket:

How will your basket be viewed? Is it only visible from the front or from all sides? If the merchandise will only be seen from the front, “stack” it from front to back, smallest to largest. This way, small items can lean against the tall items in the back.

If you want your gift basket to be seen from all sides, put the taller items in the centre and the smaller ones down the sides.

When choosing goods, it is beneficial to evaluate their forms and sizes. Try to vary them as much as possible so that they will fit inside the gift basket.

How to shrink wrap the hamper

1. Preheat your heat gun to the lowest setting.

2. As your heat gun is warming up, take a large area of shrink wrap and lay it out flat. Place your hamper in the centre and bring the front and back sides of the shrink wrap together above the hamper. With one hand, hold the spot where the two edges of shrink film meet and drag the other two edges in, scrunching them together. Tie a piece of curling ribbon or string securely around the gather at the top.

3. When your heat gun is hot, direct the nozzle away from you and toward the surface of your plastic.

4. As you apply heat to the surface of the plastic, it should start to shrink. Use your heat gun to disperse heat throughout the surface of your wrap in long, sweeping motions. Repeat around the surface of your gift basket until it is fully shrunk.


1. Consistent movement

The plastic may melt if the heat gun is left in one area for too long. Maintain a steady and even motion over the wrap until it’s shrunk to size to provide an even and uniform surface.

2. Cutting of shrink wrap is not needed

Plastic bags, shrink wrap, and shrink bands may appear big at first, but it shrinks in size when the plastic heats up.


With events and occasions taking place now and then, wrapping your own hamper is a very simple and useful skill. It is also an excellent cost-saving and flexible alternative to purchasing a ready-made hamper at the local gift shop.