VCI Films & Bags / Pouches

VCI Films & Bags / Pouches

VCI Film is a stretch wrap that has been infused with VCI properties to prevent equipment from corroding.

VCI Film is infused with VCI properties, thus releasing VCI molecules which stick to the surfaces of equipment under the film, protecting it from corrosion or rusting. VCI Film acts as a form of physical barrier between the products and the external environment, shielding it from potentially damaging factors. With its additional VCI capabilities, users can rest assured their products will be corrosion-free!

Customizable bags that prevent corrosion and serves as protective packaging. Economical solution for proloning your metal’s shelf life.

VCI Bags are popular with keeping metal parts free from corrosion. Our unique formula of VCIs seek out metal surfaces and attach themselves, covering the entire surface with a protective layer. Our VCI bags are customizable to cater to your business needs. They generally come in a clear transparent material that allows easy inspection of its contents without the need to open the bag. The bag is also moisture, tear resistant, durable and yet flexible. The material helps to prevent scratches and cushion impacts. Thus, our bags act as a corrosion inhibitor and protective packaging at the same time.

Streampeak’s VCI Bags are customizable in a variety of sizes to cater to small and large parts.

  • Flat Bags
  • Gusseted Bags
  • Reclosable Bags
  • Bubble Bags
  • VCI Anti-Tarnish Films
    VCI Anti-Tarnish Films

    VCI Anti-Tarnish Film (Silver-Guard) protects silver-plated and precious metals from tarnish due to oxidation...

  • VCI Bags / Pouches
    VCI Bags / Pouches

    Customizable bags that prevent corrosion and serves as protective packaging. Economical solution for proloning you...

  • VCI Clear Pak®
    VCI Clear Pak®

    Clear Pak VCI Films protects both metal parts and our environment from corrosion and pollution respectively. Strea...

  • VCI Foil Films
    VCI Foil Films
    Safeguard your goods from corrosion during long-term storage or shipment in a cost-saving and effective way. Uses:...
  • VCI Masking Films
    VCI Masking Films

    Premium Metal-Guard® Masking Film is an adhesive, pressure-sensitive, co...

  • VCI Poly Wraps
    VCI Poly Wraps

    Nox-Rust Poly Wrap has a woven fabric coated with VCI. Suitable for wrapping steel coils, steel sheeting and equip...

  • VCI Premium Metal-Guard®
    VCI Premium Metal-Guard®

    Premium Metal-Guard® is a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging film d...

  • VCI Shrink Films
    VCI Shrink Films
    Protect your large metal parts, equipments and machinery with full protection and keeping it in ready-to-use conditio...
  • VCI Stretch Films
    VCI Stretch Films

    Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Stretch Film is an easy to use, strong and dura...

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