Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers
Ensure Damage-Free Transportation of Products with Desiccants

Protect products against moisture in the atmosphere with a Moisture Absorbent, also known as a desiccant. The Moisture Absorber has a porous surface that helps in absorbing water vapours from the air and moist materials. There are physical and chemical desiccants. In a high humidity atmosphere, food products often exposed to moulds and bacteria growth, resulting in food spoilage and discolouration. Metal oxidation can also occur in electronic products due to excessive humidity which will lead to defects and wastage. The presence of moisture in medication packaging can harm the effectiveness of medicines. Use desiccants or Moisture Absorbers inside the product packaging to prevent defects in electronics, spoilage of food products and medicines wastage due to excessive humidity or moisture. Desiccants are available in packets, in the form of sheets, moulded polymers, sachets, pillow packs, and many other types.

Wide Range of Moisture Absorbers Available

Stream Peak is an IS0 9001 certificated production facility. We offer a full range of Moisture Absorbers that enable safe and moisture-free packaging of products. Moisture Absorbents provide adequate protection against moisture, humid environment, contamination, and gases.

Please send us your query and get in touch with our packaging engineers to discuss how we can help in the selection of the right packaging solution.

  • Bulk Desiccants
    Bulk Desiccants
    Desiccant absorbs moisture and gases present in the environment. These substances prevent damage to the products and ...
  • Desiccant Custom Molded Polymers
    Desiccant Custom Molded Polymers
    Versatile Moisture Absorbing Polymer or VMAP is a unique desiccant that is made fr...
  • Desiccant Sheets
    Desiccant Sheets
    A great alternative to the usual desiccant sachets when space is limited, Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB) comes in a s...
  • Desiccators
    Get efficient protection against moisture, contamination and corrosion with Desicc...
  • Humi Dri Desiccant Sachets
    Humi Dri Desiccant Sachets
    Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant that protects goods from damage due to moistu...
  • Humi Dri Desiccant Spools
    Humi Dri Desiccant Spools
    Stream Peak’s very own Continuous Strip Desiccants are made of high-quality desiccants that protect goods from being ...
  • Humi Dryer Container Desiccants
    Humi Dryer Container Desiccants
    Desiccants remove moisture and gases from the environment. Container Desiccants are primarily manufactured from food-...
  • Pillow Paks
    Pillow Paks

    Pillow Paks are high-quality desiccants used by healthcare, food packaging, and other pr...

  • Unit Paks
    Unit Paks
    Commonly used by government agencies, Unit Paks protect elements that reduce the lifespan of their items. Unit Pak de...

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