Anti-Leak Food Bag


The go-to option in keeping your food fresh, the Anti-Leak Food Bag is ideal for storing all kinds of food product such as raw food, cooked food or even liquids! Designed with a patented sealing system and waterproof ziplock closure, the Anti-leak Food Bag is also reusable, long-lasting and completely dishwasher friendly. Available in three different sizes-small, medium and large.

Key Features

  • Keeps foods fresh
  • Preservation in the fridge or freezer
  • Patented sealing
  • Hermetic and odour free
  • Microwave thawing
  • Bespoke (need to check if made to order)
    • Complex polyester, polypro or aluminium
    • Transparent side
    • Printing up to 6 colours


Selection Guide

3 Standard Ranges:
  • Small 250 x 166 mm 280 x 166 mm
  • Medium 250 x 250 mm 280 x 250 mm
  • Large 330 x 250 mm 280 x 333 mm