Auto-Cal Probe Thermometer

Waterproof and incorporated with an auto-calibration feature, the Auto-Cal Probe Thermometer is the ideal product for measuring food temperature during cooking and holding. With a needle tip designed to produce a faster response per FDA Food Code 4-302.12 (B), it is ideally used in less dense food. Accurate, readable and durable, the Auto-Cal Probe Thermometer is the go-to digital thermometer to measure food temperature during cooking.

Key Features

  • New ‘Auto-Calibration’ feature 
  • Needle probe thermometer provides faster response time
  • Small diameter needle probe ideal for measuring temperature of ‘thin mass’ food such as meat patties, chicken, and fish fillets per FDA Code 4-302.12 (B)
  • Sealed unibody construction and RoHS compliant
  • IP56 waterproof and grease resistant

Auto-Cal Temperature Thermometer Brochure