Battery Optimisation

TotalTrax BXOptimise Battery Monitoring System is a battery optimisation tool used to deliver vital insights to fleet and warehouse managers to act, monitor, and report on battery conditions. It is an optional add-on component to the Forklift Monitoring System designed to enhance the ability to improve battery life greatly and utilisation, meet Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilisation, maintenance goals while lowering the asset and maintenance cost required. The Battery Optimisation provides users with 3 levels of insights, to help users identify ways to improve battery life and utilisation while meeting business goals, improve the bottom line and reduce operational costs.

Key Features

3 Levels of Insights:

Goal 1: Maximise Battery Life and Life Cycles

BXOptimise can positively impact capital costs by:

  • Reducing unnecessary charging and charging cycles
  • Reducing premature pull-off
  • Reducing overcharging that causes overheating/boiling over events
  • Identifying problem trucks that drain batteries abnormally
  • Identifying problem operators that do not charge timely/correctly or abuse batteries by the way they use the truck
  • Identifying problem batteries that over/undercharge or short cycle
  • Calculating the number of battery cycles, disconnects, temperature/boiling measurements, rates of discharge
  • Delivering data that can be used for cost/benefit analysis and KPI development
Goal 2: Reduce the Cost of Charging Batteries

BXOptimise provides valuable insight into by:

  • Monitoring the number of charging occurrences, charging time and current levels of power consumed that equate the cost of charge to identify areas of improvement
  • Calculating the cost of amp/hrs. by the time of day, day of the week, or other parameters that the user set
  • Scheduling charging at the best time to minimize cost and improve fleet optimisation
Goal 3: Maximise Battery Utilisation

BXOptimise can positively improve battery charges by:

  • Identifying batteries with low utilisation rates
  • Optimising charge timing
  • Producing a charging schedule to maximise battery/truck uptime