Bubble Wrap Inflatable Cushioning


The Bubble Wrap Inflatable Cushioning, also known as inflatable air packaging, which maximises damage protection and meet the demands of parcel shipping. As it is lightweight, it can reduce the amount of storage space required for bulky packaging materials. The bubble wrap inflatable cushioning comes in biodegradable options an recyclable options, which does not harm the environment. The protective packaging equipment can fulfil all your packaging and shipping needs.

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  • – 3⁄4″ Loft Bubble – 12″ and 24″ widths (in ated), perforated every 6″ – 11⁄4″ Loft Bubble – 12″ wide (in ated), perforated every 63⁄4″
  • Mil Thicknesses: 1.54 mil

Unit of Measure:

  • – 12″ wide 3⁄4″ Loft Bubble: 1,750 linear feet of material per box;
  • 32 boxes per pallet
  • – 24″ wide 3⁄4″ Loft Bubble: 1,350 linear feet of material per box:
  • 16 boxes per pallet
  • – 12″ wide 11⁄4″ Loft Bubble: 1,750 linear feet of material per box;
  • 32 boxes per pallet

Key Features


To wrap your product in multiple direction

Product Features

  • Patented, channel-filled honeycomb design prevents shipping damage, reducing product losses and returns
  • Durable and puncture resistant bubbles inflate on demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • Wrapping bubbles are clean, dust-free and lightweight
  • Eliminates the bulky storage requirements of pre-filled bubble materials
  • High yield, boxed material reduces changeover time
  • Patent-pending sealing system provides superior air retention
  • AirPouch FastWrap is infinitely recyclable, and available in both biodegradable and recycled blends

Selection Guide

Selection Guide

DuraClear 2000TM Bubbles on Demand

  • Industry leading 95% pre-consumer recycled content
  • Stock printed with EarthAware logo for end-user awareness; custom printing available

AirPouch FastWrap HD Bubbles on Demand

  • Complies with the creep standards outlined in Federal Speci cation PPP-C-795C of less than 10% creep loss over 30 days under load as de ned by ASTM D 2221 test method
  • Ideal for heavy or fragile products with long storage and shipping cycles
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Compliances: PPP-C-795D, CID A-A549

AirPouch FastWrap Anti-Static Bubbles on Demand

  • Amine free
  • Polycarbonate and silver solder compatible
  • Dissipates static buildup and protects sensitive components • Static Charge Dissipation: 5000v to <50v, <2.0 sec
  • Surface Resistivity: >1 x 1012 Ohms/in2
  • Pink color for easy identification

EarthAware DuraClear 2000 Biodegradable Bubbles on Demand

  • Biodegrades when in contact with other biodegrading materials

EarthAware Recycled EZ-Tear AirPouch Bubbles on Demand

  • Industry leading 80% pre-consumer recycled content

AirPouch® FastWrap™ bubbles-on-demand