Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 1500


The Easy-Cut 1500 Safety Cutter incorporates a single precise blade depth setting to ensure smooth user experience for all users regardless of skill levels while ensuring that the inner product of the box remains free from damage. The Easy-Cut 1500 can be used to open many different packaging materials such as shrink wrap, plastic packaging and many more. By incorporating spring-blade retraction system, it allows blades to automatically retract upon the release of the handle which is different from the “Blade Vanishing Technology” seen in other Easy-Cut series.

This Easy-Cut 1500 gives retailers and distributors an option to eliminate the multi-blade depth settings that can be seen on other Easy-Cut series. However, this does not affect the ability of Easy-Cut 1500 to prevent product damage. The Easy-Cut 1500 also incorporates a snap-on holster and lanyard system that rotates 180-degrees which ensures easy access and fixed placement on a belt loop, hence reducing cuts related injury and time spent to look for misplaced cutters. The safety cutter dual-sided edge guide makes the easy-cut a user-friendly tool for both left and right-handed users, enabling to make accurate and precise cuts.

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Easy-Cut 1500 Series Overview