Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 5000

The Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 5000 Series is a convenient box cutter that slices through any cardboard easily. Not only can it slice through cardboard easily, but it is also a standard go-to tool used to remove other forms of packaging such as Shrink Wrap. It allows its users to make effective and efficient blade change within seconds with a simple squeeze of the ergonomic trigger handle and press of a button. Incorporated with a “Blade Vanishing Technology”, this ensures the safety of its users by providing them protection from accidental exposure to the blade. With the “Blade Vanishing Technology”, the blades will automatically retract once it loses contact with the surface, preventing and reducing any possibility of cuts on the users during usage. Hence, demand is high for this product. The Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 5000 also features a tape splitter that allows for quick tape cuts without a sharpened blade.

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Key Features

  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Three-blade depths
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Blunt tip of the radius blade
  • Ideal for cutting sizeable heavy-duty cardboard boxes
  • Convenient and quick cutting
  • Minimises costs

Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 5000 Brochure