Ethylene Covers | MP+S | Pallet Covers for Pineapples & Berries

The Ethylene Pallet Covers for Pineapples & Berries is designed to eliminate ethylene and other volatiles emitted by non-refrigerated fruits like pineapple, which causes them to be ripe and deteriorate faster. The Ethylene Covers | MP+S | Pallet Covers pineapples & berries to ensure products’ freshness and quality while extending their shelf life.

When the Ethylene Sachet cannot fit in a box, the Ethylene Cover can be used as an alternative. It is placed on top of the pallets and is then quickly removed at the destination if necessary. Ethylene Covers can be used as a supplement for container filters. As only two filters can be placed in the air intake of the container evaporator, the filter may be insufficient when there is an increase in autonomy, or a lower balance of ethylene emitted and eliminated is required. The cover is a go-to solution.

The Ethylene Covers is a perfect solution to prolong the post-harvest life span of apples, pears, and other high-emission products. With our technical services, we can help determine and design the idealised cover for each application based on accessing criteria such as the type of atmosphere (AC, ULO, Dynamic), duration of storage, weight per Pallet or bin, kind of fruit, etc. Its even distribution throughout the container is based on its centralised filtration, an improved version based on past covers. The cost is extremely competitive compared to treatment with 1-MCP.


The Ethylene Pallet Covers is ideally used for applications that require a large volume of granulate and protection from moisture. The cover is often being used in the following applications:

  • Can replace tube filters in reefer containers by distributing them throughout the containers, proving to be a more effective method to reduce contaminants while not affecting the artificial ripening process at the same time
  • A cost-effective solution that enables users to transport riper pineapples to destinations that are further while ensuring the quality of the fruits, preventing spoilage

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