Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryers

The Floor Mounted Vent Dryer is often filled with Envirogel (Orange-Indicating Silica Gel) to remove water vapour, dehumidify and protect large capacity storage tank with high discharge rate. Alternative types of adsorbents are available to remove harmful contaminants other than water vapour. Capable of containing up to 50kg of desiccant with a tank capacity of up to 500,000 litres, the Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryer can also remove other contaminants using specific desiccants. Our Vent Dryers are available in two different models, mild steel, which is coated in phosphate and powder to provide resistance against the most industrial environment and stainless steel for extra protection against highly corrosive material and environment.

The Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryer is also available in two sizes, each with a different storage capacity and discharge rate to meet different needs. Incorporated with a desiccant container that allows easy removal, this prevents any disruption to the functioning of the vent dryer. It also features an observation window that allows users to view the saturation state of the desiccant to determine the need for replacement. When the Envirogel Desiccant changes from orange to green, the desiccant is saturated and needs replacement. We carry a broad range of models such as Model 605, 610 and 616 for Floor Mounted Tank Vent and Model 620 and 630 for Floor Mounted Tank Dryer.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Visual colour change indication
  •  IP65 rating
  •  Available in mild or stainless steel
  •  ISO9001:2008 design approved
  •  Polycarbonate or glass sight window
  •  Easy ENVIROGEL replacement
  •  Floor and wall mounting Refillable
  • ATEX Directive 94/9/EC approved

Selection Guide

Model 620 630
A (Flange) 2 inches 3 inches
B 340 mm 50 mm
C 400 mm 560 m
D 250 mm 355 mm
E 60 mm
J 30 mm 30mm
K 250 mm 254mm
L 360 mm 520mm
M 495  mm 495mm
Weight 55.0Kg 101.1Kg

Tank Vent Dryers Brochure