Foam In Place System

The Foam In Place is a packaging system that helps in packaging operations. It is reliable and conveniently made by combining two liquid foams in a bag or liner. The expandable foam packaging mixture rapidly surrounds the product creating a custom mould with minimal training required. Features include telemetry, bar-coding, equipment design, customer focus, and the advantage program. These foam-filled tubes ensure fragile products are protected and secured during shipment by providing superior protection with minimal foam usage.

Incorporated with a compact design, this machine is versatile and compatible with multiple packaging operations to produce foam tubes efficiently, ensuring maximum protection to goods during shipment. It provides the best product protection and is cost-effective, equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen display and customisable tube quantities that can be programmed to suit different business needs. Powered by a standard electrical outlet, the Foam In Place Packaging System not only produces high-quality premium foam packaging but is also compatible with multiple workstations. Featuring a touch screen display that allows users to customise and select the type of foam bag and combination desired, the system can produce different types of bags, continuous and sequenced to suit various industrial needs. Our foam bags are cost-effective of high quality and versatile to fit goods.

Use the Foam In Place Packaging System now for a wide range of foam bags, customised to fit, secure, and protect goods during shipment seamlessly and efficiently!