During the manufacturing process, products emit gases and vapours. For example, nitrogen gas is often emitted after processing to eliminate oxygen, moisture and humidity. With the Filtered Outlet Out Gassing (FOOG) Vent, it can prevent overpressure caused by these gases. Many products will evolve gasses and vapours due to manufacturing and processing.
The integral non-return valve is often used to allow exit of gas while preventing its entry to bulk container or vessels, to minimise the risk of contamination in products. However, changes in temperature will affect the pressure. With the FOOG, it will help to equalise atmospheric variations.

The FOOG Vent features a sintered plastic filter to guard against fine powder released and protects the non-return valve effective operation. This filter is made to withstand side loads and shocks that occur during filling and transportation. It is typically used to protect storage bags containing FOOG Vents can be directly mounted into gas taps flanges or bulkhead mounted with an adaptor, typically used to protect storage bags with milk powder and food aggregates. All FOOG Vents are fully automated and require no additional maintenance. They are manufactured under FDA approved and certified materials for use and contact with food products and can be sterilised for reuse


Key Features

Product Features

  • Prevents overpressurization and helps to out-gas a product during and after processing
  • Applicable bulk bags, any flexible storage and products that release gas while in an air-tight environment
  • Low cost and effective solution

FOOG Vent Brochure