Inflatable Air Pillow Machine


An inflatable air pillow packaging machine, the Tabletop Void-fill System is electric compact system that consists of operator-friendly controls and is maintenance free is used for packaging products productively and to reduce the shipping cost by filling the air pillow with more air which lowers the cost per cubic foot and overall weight of the packaging. One can simply plug the unit in, load the air pillow material and the air pillow will be ready to go and ready to start packing. The air bubble machine offers a range of accessories and system configurations to provide for optimal productivity. As the air pillow machine is compact and lightweight to aid in portability, with it being customisable limiting to  basic improvements which can be made. Therefore it can be created as a stand alone packing station, or it can also be easily integrated into existing workstations for higher productivity.

The inflatable air pillow machine provides easy-to-use air pillows on0demand for fast and easy packings. In addition, it is compact and is a tabletop system solution at speeds over 50 feet per minute. Moreover, it is a knifeless design eliminating the primary wear item found on other void fill machines. Adding on, It has adjustable air volume and run time, easy to install and is simple to operate. It is reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Lastly, it provides better air retention and has improved yield reduce cost per cubic food.

Favoured by many customers due to its easy handling and operation, with a Express 3 Tabletop Void-fill System can be obtained through the purchase of the Air Pillows.

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  1. Mail order fulfilment
  2. Pharmaceutical fulfillment
  3. Third party logistics
  4. Electrical and electronic products
  5. Automotive and appliance parts
  6. Cosmetics, health & beauty aids
  7. Jewelry and novelty items



  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Dimensions: 520 mm (L) x 220 mm (W) x 360 mm (H)
  • 15 metres per minute

Key Features

Product Features

  • On Demand Pillows – Provides air pillows on demand for fast, easy packing in semi- or fully-automatic modes
  • Fast – Tabletop system produces air pillows at speeds over 55 feet per minute
  • All Electric – All-electric design does not require compressed air to operate
  • Reduce Costs – Better air retention and improved yield reduce cost per cubic foot
  • Dust-Free – Dust-free air pillows reduce product loss and are cleaner to use than EPS peanuts and paper
  • Lower Shipping Costs – Variety of pillow sizes allows the optimization of space within shipping boxes

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