Infrared Thermometer


The ThermoTrace Waterproof Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that is durable, compact and waterproof, making it ideal for applications that involve food buffet lines, commercial freezers and walk-in refrigerators. The thermometer reads temperature from the object through radiation that is being emitted by the object. The Infrared Thermometer is capable of monitoring temperature between 32°F~932°F (0°C~500°C) from a distance (field of view ratio of 8:1).

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Key Features

Product Features

  • Instant non-contact surface temperature measurement
  • Useful with moving products or for hard to reach places
  • Completely waterproof (IP67 compliant)
  • Two measuring modes: normal and continuous
  • Alarm settings for high and low temperature limits
  • Memory function holds up to 99 points of temperature data

Infrared Thermometer Brochure