Liquid & Paste Packaging Machine

The Liquid & Paste Packaging Machine is made for the packing and sealing of liquid products efficiently at high speed. Equipped with a piston filling dosing system, this enables the packaging process of liquid substances to be automated instead of manual packaging. The machine can be used to pack a wide variety of products such as liquor, oil, shampoo, ketchup, cream, jelly, and many more. The Liquid & Paste Packaging Machine is also available in 3 different models to suit different bag types and widths.

Packaging Machine Add Ons
  • Hot Stamping Date Coder
  • Perforation Jaw Feature
  • Additional Bag Forming Tube
  • Strip Packs Device
  • Heavy Bag Holder
  • Deflation Device
  • Plexiglass Safety Guard
  • Full #304 Stainless Frame