Made from safe and non-toxic material, the Oxygen Absorber, O Sorb, is used to extend the shelf life of food products, ensuring that they stay fresh and in good quality. O Sorb is also known as oxygen scavengers or oxygen absorbent. Commonly used in food packagings such as snacks and pastries, the Oxygen Absorbers is capable of reducing the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen. It prevents the changes in the colour of food, retards the growth of oxygen using aerobic microorganisms such as fungi and stops oils in food from going bad. Without nay aerobic bacteria and fungi growth, the shelf life of a food product will extend from 1 month to several months.

Benefits of oxygen absorber

Having oxygen absorbers withing a sealed packaging will create an oxygen-free condition of up to 0.1% or lesser. Osorb prevents changes in the colour of food, prevents oils in good from becoming rancid and limits the growth of oxygen aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. The use of oxygen absorbers can increase the shelf life of a food product from days to months, retaining flavours, aroma and food quality. It eliminates other conventional packaging methods such as vacuum packaging and gas flushing.

Osorb Applications

Oxygen absorbers are commonly used together in food packagings such as barkery products, dehydrated food and nits, pet food, jerky and processed meat products. It helps to reduce the aerobic environment to minimal oxygen levels and limit bacteria growth.

How much Oxygen absorber to use?

The number of packets to use would depend on the oxygen volume of the void space in the packaging. By volume, the oxygen in the air is about 20%. Therefore is the void space is 100ml with 20ml of oxygen, we would recommend a packet of U-20.

Tips on using Oxygen Absorbers
  1. Check oxygen indicators in packaging to ensure it is pink. Do not use if the indicator is blue.
  2. After opening the packaging in which the oxygen absorber is packed, use immediately.
  3. Highly not recommended to reuse an old oxygen absorber packet.
  4. Use together with a high gas food packaging film for optimal protection.

For custom made sizes or print contact us and our packaging engineers will help with your packaging requirements. Find our more about oxygen absorbers on our blog and video.

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