Palletising is a standard method to dispatch marine load shipments, as it helps in conveniently storing and handling products during transportation. It is a highly regarded method of shipping goods across the world, in which the pallets stabilise and prevent unwanted load movements in transit, allowing handling and storage efficiency. The size of the cargo pallet is of significant importance for securing cargo loads. The type of pallet used for palletising depends on the size and kind of cargo— 48 by 40 inches (breadth by length) pallet is most commonly used for holding cargo loads. However, different shipping sectors have different regulated sizes for pallets. Besides the pallet size, the material with which the cargo pallet holds significant importance. Inferior quality materials can result in causing damage to the shipped cargo, which harms the trustworthiness of both the consigner and the shipping company. Pallets help to support the goods that are being lifted by cranes, forklifts, and other vehicles. The shipping containers are usually strapped on a pallet for keeping them in a safe condition. It also helps to handle and store the goods efficiently. Stream Peak’s Pallets are available in 3 different forms, plastic, wooden, and paper.

Key Features

  • Recyclable 
  • Freight shipment 
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Paper pallets need no treatment against insects
  • Due to its lightweight, the cost savings in freight can be huge especially for cargoes going by air