Pocket Safety Cutter & Magnet

The Pocket Safety Cutter & Magnet is a palm-sized strap and carton cutter capable of fitting safely in pockets or used as a pen with its built-in pocket clip. It is incorporated with a dual safety feature, and the cutter includes a small secondary trigger button inside the primary trigger mechanism that activated upon being squeezed. This means that the blade will not be exposed when not in use, allowing safe storage in pockets, drawers, toolboxes, etc. Once the trigger is released, the blade will automatically retract to its original locked position. The strong and durable German quality blade can slice through the cardboard with ease and can cut over 5000 feet of material (800 boxes on average). Once the Pocket Cutter no longer provides a sharp cutting surface, it can be disposed of and discarded. The Pocket Cutter & Magnet includes a magnet that sticks to most metal surfaces, minimising the downtime taken to find lost cutters.

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