Polychip Foam (Peanuts)

Cushion Products to Prevent Damage with Polychip Foam (Peanuts)

The Polychip Foam, also known as Packing Peanuts, Polychip Peanuts or Foam Peanuts, is a void filler used to prevent impact during transit of goods. When packed tightly together, these Polychip Foams interlocks tightly with one another to form a barrier, providing effective protection to your products.

Traditional poly chip foam is made of polystyrene, which is a plastic polymer. It is also called Styrofoam, which is not eco-friendly and biodegradable. The advanced poly chip foam is made up of biodegradable and non-toxic materials like corn starch or wheat. These foam types are easily dissolvable in water and do not have an electrostatic charge, which means that they do not stick to the clothes. The selection of the poly chip foam type depends on the packaging goods that are more fragile and required a void filling packaging for extra protection.

At Streampeak, we offer the quality poly chip foams of different types. We provide both biodegradable and Styrofoam poly chip foams for different packaging requirements. The loose poly chip foam packaging saves products from impact during transportation. Our packaging engineers can help with the selection of the right packaging solution for different requirements.

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Key Features


To be filled in package in order to cushion goods from impact

Product Features

  • Ideal as a cushion to prevent impact damages to products
  • Cost-effective