Silica Gel is a common desiccant used to adsorb moisture and water vapour due to its odourless and non-reactive characteristics. It helps to control relative humidity levels in the surrounding levels, adsorbing moisture up to 40% of its weight and bring relative humidity down to 40% in an enclosed environment. We supply the main three types of Gel, Non-indicating Silica Gel, Blue Indicating Silica Gel and Orange Indicating Silica Gel.

Non-indicating Silica gel

Non-indicating Silica, also known as white or clear silica gel, is odourless, tasteless, non-reactive to chemicals, non-corrosive and non-toxic, which makes it a safe moisture adsorbing agent. The Non-indicating Silica is food safe, allowing it to be packed together with food.

Blue Indicating Silica gel

Incorporated with cobalt chloride, the Blue Indicating Silica Gel turns from blue to pink when saturated, providing a visual indication to users that the desiccant requires replacement. The Blue-Indicating Gel is suitable for non-dusting packaging of electronic equipment and in applications with visual moisture controls.

Orange Indicating Silica gel

Also known as Envirogel, the Orange Indicating Silica Gel contains a safe organic indicator called methyl-violet that changes colour from orange to green when saturated with water vapour, indicating for replacement. The desiccant is also an excellent alternative to Blue Indicating Silica Gel due to its heavy-metal free, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties which makes it widely accepted for a broader range of applications.

Blue and White Indicating Silica gel – this mixture contains 10% Blue Indicating Silica and 90% Non-Indicating Silica.
Orange and White Indicating Silica gel – this mixture contains 10% Orange Indicating Silica and 90% Non-Indicating Silica (white).

Desiccant Silica gel Benefits

It absorbs moisture faster then desiccant clay at higher humidity levels. Made up of highly porous silicon dioxide it binds water molecules on to its interior surfaces and keeping it dry even after it is saturated. The desiccant is a mineral which is processed and purified into a granular or beaded form. The moisture absorbers often packed into desiccant bags to help eliminate both humidity and moisture from the air creating a dry and moisture-free environment for product packagings in industries such as electronics, food, automotive and healthcare.

Streampeak desiccants are controlled and closely monitored with our in house laboratory daily to ensure high-quality grade desiccants supply with high dust attrition resistance.

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Silica gel Brochure