Strapping Tensioner

The Strapping Tensioner is incorporated with two anti-cycling one-way bearings, making it durable and easy to handle as less force is required during the tensioning process. The tensioners also feature a specially designed bracket shoe to protect all-composite straps. Integrated with a stainless steel cutter as well, this allows any belts to be cut easily.

  • S-25 Tensioner – For tensioning straps up to 25mm width
  • S-35 Tensioner – For tensioning straps up to 32mm width
  • S-35A Tensioner – Features an aluminium body
  • S-50 Tensioner – For tensioning straps up to 50mm width

Key Features

  • Special designed bracket shoe protects all composite straps
  • Integrated stainless steel cutter will cut any belts easily

Selection Guide

  • S-25 Tensioner 
  • S-35 Tensioner 
  • S-35A Tensioner 
  • S-50 Tensioner 

Strapping Tensioner Product Brochure