Suspension & Retention Packaging


Products and goods come in all shapes and sizes; hence, it requires various packaging solutions to fit each good. At times, certain large goods may be troublesome and hard to pack due to its shape. This may result in voids and gaps present when packing, causing the goods to move and shift around during transit. This may cause damage to the product when it hits a rough surface or other goods in the shipping container when it collides with them. These incidents result in additional damage, cost and loss, from the good itself or other unforeseen events.

To resolve this issue in shipping, many solutions have been provided, and a typical solution is to use void fillers such as air pillows and paper fillings. Both methods are effective in protecting certain goods but may be less effective for small and unique shaped goods. Hence, we offer a durable plastic wrapping film for Retention and Suspension Packaging.

What is Retention and Suspension Packaging?

This is a packaging method that makes use of an elastic and durable plastic film to wrap products firmly onto its packaging. Regardless of the shape and size, the flexible film can follow the shape of the product and adhering it tightly to its packaging. This ensures that the product remains in place, acting like glue or rope, tying it to its surroundings.

For round and odd-shaped products, this packaging method allows the product to be packaged in a square or fixed size packaging container, simplifying the packaging process and inventory management. With a consistent packaging method, it improves the organisation of inventory and also aids in stock-keeping as well as better maximisation of warehouse space. In addition, it also helps to improve the efficiency of purchase packaging. Retention and Suspension Packaging can be used to pack a variety of goods such as; Giftboxes, cosmetics, art, laptops, electronic parts and many more.

A proper packaging solution is essential for many items, especially fragile and expensive products such as laptops. With this packaging method, suppliers can ship their goods with ease as this method of packaging prevents damage caused by the movement of goods. For full protection, we also offer durable packaging and packaging services to protect your goods, together with the film, allowing you to ship your goods without worries.

Suspension and Retention Packaging provides many benefits:
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Marketing Opportunities.
    The plastic film functions as an aesthetic packaging due to its transparent feature as compared to other solutions such as void fillers. This enables customers to view the design and features of your product in greater details without having to open the package. The package also enables more marketing opportunities and emphasis on your product.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Cost-Saving
    Our plastic film is versatile and flexible, capable of following any shape of the product, allowing it to be reused several times. Our film is very elastic and durable, which will not break easily and can remain intact even after shipping. This feature of the film allows users to reuse it to ship other items regardless of the shape, making it extremely eco-friendly and cost-saving.
  • Simple and time-efficient
    Suspension & Retention Packaging require little to no equipment as it only makes use of plastic film and packaging box, hence, removing the need for heavy machinery or additional hardware. In addition, it also requires little to no training and additional manpower which simplifies the packaging process, ensuring improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce overall cost
    This packaging method is a one-stop solution for various goods, regardless of their shape and size. Enabling the variety of packaging solution required, storage and management costs to be greatly reduced. In addition to its low manpower cost and simplified process, it also reduces wastage and time required, minimising the overall cost and increasing profit margins.

We also offer shock-proof and eco-friendly plastic films to firmly secure products in place. Our films are patented and certified quality, extremely strong and elastic. Customisation of films is also available to meet your industrial and application needs.
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Key Features

Product Features

  • Maximise space
  • Durable & strong
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Aesthetic packaging, good for marketing
  • Versatile & flexible, applicable for most goods
  • Easy to operate, little training required
  • No additional machinary required

Suspension and Retention Packaging Brochure