VCI Ferro-Film

It is specifically designed to protect ferrous (iron and steel) metals throughout the logistic supply chain.
These metals are highly susceptible to corrosion over other metals, and typical corrosion inhibitors are unable to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in severe environmental conditions.

VCI Ferro-Film XP

VCI Ferro-film XP is a superior grade corrosion inhibitor polyethene endorsed with the highest standard by the US government. It is recommended on the “Qualified Product List” for Mil-PRF-22019 as a corrosion inhibitor-treated, flexible barrier material. It is commonly used by military contractors and suppliers that require to follow the government standards on specified packaging. Clear and transparent with standard military print and is resilient against punctures, the film has proven to be an excellent barrier against moisture, water and oil. As well as functioning as an ideal heat-sealed bag due to its non-stick formulation. Various types and sizes are available to meet the needs of military packaging applications.