VCI Outdoor Liquid Solutions

VCI Outdoor Liquid Solutions is a complete line of rust preventive liquids designed to protect exposed metals and unpainted metal parts used or stored outside during manufacture, use, storage, export, lay-up and preservation from corrosion causing elements. The Nox-Rust Liquids (VCI Outdoor Liquid Solutions) can be applied by brushing, spraying or fogging into hard-to-reach areas using standard industrial application equipment.

Nox-Rust 3100

The Nox-Rust 3100 Heavy Duty Outdoor Protection is designed for heavy-duty coating for metals placed outdoors in harsh conditions. It can be handled after 3-6 hours and sets up within 12-24 hours. When required, the liquid can be removed by solvent-based thinners, vapour degreasing, or hot alkaline wash.

Nox-Rust 5100

The Nox-Rust 5100 can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing onto the surface of your desired equipment, forming a black, dry and firm film. Only after 3-6 hours after applying the layer can the equipment be touched and set up in 12-24 hours. The coating on the equipment typically lasts from 1 to 3 years in outdoor, unprotected storage and 3 to 5 years in protected outdoor storage.

Nox-Rust 5200

When applied on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts, the brown, grease-like Nox-Rust 5200 film dries as a semi-firm coating in 12-24 hours. Protecting equipment for 3-6 months when stored outdoors and up to 5 years when stored indoors. The Nox-Rust 5200 is ideal for machinery, instruments, bearing, and steel parts. To remove the coating, use solvent/alkaline clear or an emulsion clear. It is available in drums, pails, or aerosol cans. The Nox-Rust 5200 Indoor Rust inhibitor provides rust protection for long term indoor storage of up to 5 years.

Nox-Rust 5300

The Nox-Rust 5300 is a water-displacing liquid for precision parts and the internal mechanism of equipment. It displaces water and saline solutions to prevent the formation of corrosion on metal surfaces within closed systems. It is completely miscible with lubricating oils. Apply by dip, spray, or brush. After drying, it becomes an oily film that can be handled after 3-6 hours.

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