VCI Paper features a unique formula of corrosion inhibitors embedded in kraft papers (not superficially coated) to provide long term protection of the metals. With a wide, selective range of VCI Papers available, our VCI Paper products have enzymes (substrates) that act upon rust to prevent corrosion and functions as a barrier against moisture and grease.

Custom printing and branding is also available upon request. VCI Papers can be custom made into sheets, bags, wraps of all sizes, quality and style.

VCI Papers Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for work layout
  • Contains fast-reacting compounds
  • Rigid and high heat resistant
  • Stretchable with high tension
  • Resistible to scratch and abrasion


Key Features


  • To wrap metal product, preventing corrosion or rust
  • parts should be clean and free of fingerprint before wrapping
  • metal should be wrap closer to the paper for better corrosion protection

Product Features

  • Corrosion protection of ferrous, multi-metals and non-ferrous metals such as silver, copper and aluminum
  • Reduce packaging cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Easy to use
  • High heat resistance and rigid
  • Materials are ready for use immediately out of the packaging

Selection Guide

Selection Guide


  • 1 square surface area of paper for every 3 square surface area of metal
  • 1 square surface area of paper for every 1 cubic area being protected