Heavy-duty shrink wrap is an easy and economical packaging method used for large and irregularly shaped equipment. It functions as a barrier against moisture and contaminants and is typically used to cover machinery that requires to be transported via ocean-bound container, flatbed truck, rail. It is incorporated with heat-sealable and puncture-resistant properties, allowing the film to conform to irregular shapes and surfaces, covering your assets while keeping it secured and protecting it from the surrounding environment.

X-O Shrink Wrap is an upgraded version of the heavy-duty shrink wrap. By adding volatile corrosion inhibitors and UV stabilisers, the X-O Shrink Wrap can keep metals clean, dry and corrosion-free. This flexible, durable, puncture and tear-resistant VCI shrink film can conform to the shape of any equipment easily. Its UV blocking compounds also ensure that equipment is protected against harmful UV rays.

When metal is wrapped or packaged in the X-O Shrink Wrap films, the VCI compounds form an invisible protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer functions as a barrier to prevent moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen, and other corrosion-causing elements from depositing directly on the metal. Cleaning is not required as the VCI will safely dissipate once the part is unwrapped, leaving it clean, dry and ready to use.

The X-O Shrink Wrap’s feature allows it to be used and stored anywhere, including weather changing, sunlight heavy outdoor environments. The film replaces less functional non-VCI shrink wraps, tarps and covers or when it is not suitable for crating. It is incorporated with excellent sealing properties, allowing the wrap to be installed on-site without additional equipment or labour.

Choose from 3 different base materials:

  • Premium Metal-Guard® X-O Shrink Wrap
    Consist of corrosion inhibitors incorporated in a thick flexible shrink film. The well-rounded film keeps both ferrous and non-ferrous metals clean, dry and rust-free. Its UVI stabilisation feature also extends the life of the film, making it ideal for outdoor storage and export environments.
  • Ferro-Film® X-O Shrink Wrap
    Exceptionally rugged shrink film with superior corrosion protection for ferrous metals. It is also tested compatible with other non-ferrous metals. The UV stabilisation feature of the film provides extended life to the film, making it ideal for outdoor storage and export environments.
  • Standard X-O Shrink Wrap
    The primary purpose of this shrink film is to keep loads secure and free from dirt, dust, moisture and contaminants. It does not contain any corrosion protection properties to keep metals corrosion-free. This all-purpose durable wrap provides a controlled and dry interior atmosphere for a wide variety of protective transit requires and is best suited for flatbed, barge or container shipping; replacing the use of tarps and saving labour.