Combined Relief Valves & Indicators

Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator

The Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator require one hole to be fitted to the equipment or container when the space is limited. It helps to monitor and detects changes in the humidity of the surrounding area. The colour change from blue to pink indicates that the level of humidity increased. If the sensor paper changes back to blue, it suggests that the humidity is decreased. Users can also fit static desiccators to adsorb and remove any moisture content in the equipment.

  • Changes from blue to pink when there is high humidity and goes back to blue when humidity decreases
  • A combination of M24 Thread Pressure Relief and Humidity Indicator Unit ¾” Thread Humi-Valve
  • It can be used to electrical equipment, storage areas, cameras and laser systems

Combined Relief Valves and Humidity Indicators Product Brochure: Download

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