Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB)

Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB)

The Moisture Barrier Bag (MAB) is an alternative solution used to replace the typical desiccant sachets where space is limited. Provided in a sheet-form, the MAB can be cut into any size to fit into confined spaces to prevent contamination from desiccant dust. It is suitable for automatic filling in packing processes due to the following reasons:

  • Not water-soluble, corrosive, or deliquescent (dissolvable)
  • Moderate to long term hygroscopicity (water-absorbing capacity)
  • Printable sheet surface
  • It can be cut or punched to produce specific shapes or sizes
  • 3D thermoforming (creating a specific shape) is possible
  • Easily fixed in place by mechanical retention
  • No dust is produced as it is contained in a plastic sheet
  • Uniform thickness and easy for packing
  • No loose desiccants from broken sachets/bags

It is available in a standard sheet size of 295mm x 205mm x 1.6mm or in the dimension of an A4 sheet. The shape and size of the MAB can also be customised according to specific requirements. For the quantity of MAB required, the typical absorption rate of the MAB is given at 0.006 grams per cm2. Manufactured from Polyethylene plastic with active silica gel, the standard operating temperature of the MAB ranges between -40ºC to 70ºC.

Custom Moisture Adsorbing Board for Limited Space Applications

The formation of condensation in the air is one of the significant causes of damage to products, system failures, and a dramatic reduction in reliability and performance of the environmentally vulnerable medical equipment, electronic circuits, and devices. When space is limited, the Moisture Adsorbing Board offers an ideal alternative to regular desiccant absorbent sachets or bags—manufactured in sheet form, which enables easy cutting in different required sizes.

The MAB also prevents the loss of desiccant dust and contamination, resulting from the broken or damaged desiccant sachets or bags. The Moisture Absorber Board maintains a clean and dry external environment. The moisture adsorbing board is available in sheet form and customised in varying thicknesses depending on its application.

Quality Desiccant Sheets from Stream Peak

We are a supplier of packaging solutions catering to the needs of a broad range of industries, such as moisture solutions that help in prolonging the life of sensitive electrical and medical equipment. Due to the long-term absorption capabilities and quality of fitting into tight spaces, a Moisture Adsorbing Board is an alternative to traditional desiccant bags or sachets. Customised MAB is available for different requirements.

  • Optional Shapes and Sizes
  • Uniform Thickness
  • No Loose Desiccant
  • Can be Printed
  • Flexible/thermo-formable
  • Long term adsorption characteristic
  • Easy to fix by mechanical retention
  • Polymer: Polyethylene
  • Desiccant: Silica Gel (30%)
  • Operating Temperature: -40oºC to 70oºC
  • Adsorption Capacity (Nom): 8%-10% by weight at 50%RH at 22ºC
  • Adsorption Rate: 0.05 grams per 24 hours

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