Edge Protector For Shipping

Edge Protector For Shipping

The Edge Protector is an essential tool used to ship products that require extra protection. It is designed to offer protection to the edge of the goods, especially when it is strapped. These Edge Protectors are common applications used in different industries such as electronics, doors, aluminium, steel, windows, and consumer goods. The Edge Protectors are made of high-quality and reusable board. For applications, the Edge Protector is to be attached along the edge of packages. The packaging material is available on four different surfaces to prevent damage to goods during transportation:

  • Bio Kraft (Cold Lamination): Laminated with water-soluble glue to provide a highly stable profile element
  • Heat-Sealed: Well-protected against moisture and dampness to provide stability to various moisture levels
  • Printed: Allows customisable printing such as company name, logo and advertisements
  • Self-Adhesive: A strong adhesive that makes the packaging process much easier
  • Replaces expensive packaging material
  • Cost-saving in labour and materials
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Extra treatment is not required, such as fumigation for wooden material
  • Optimisation of transport space by double-stacking
  • Strengthens packaging and minimises transport damage
A (mm)  B (mm)   C (mm)   D (mm) 
 50-60000  35  35  BIO 2-6 

HS 1-6

 40  40
 45  45  BIO 2-8 

HS 1-8

 50  50
 60  60
 80  80
 100  100


Sizes Available:

 B x C (mm)   A (mm)   D width (mm) 
 35 x 35  1000  3
 50 x 50  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  6

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