The ColdMark is a cost-effective decreasing temperature label that is single-use which helps to identify and correct gaps in the gold chain. It provides real, irreversible evidence of a below-temperature deviation. When products are exposed to low temperatures, the ColdMark provides a visual alarm to shippers by turning from clear to violet. When in use, the indicator will respond in 30 minutes or less. The colder temperature will speed up the response time of the ColdMark. Suppose the indicator has been activated in transit, meaning it has gone below the acceptable temperature range. In that case, users should discuss the packaging’s sender to determine what to do next to prevent a similar scenario.

The temperature label helps to determine if products have gone below an acceptable temperature. Without ColdMark, products could be disadvantaged as there could be a breach in temperature that had been overlooked in the cold chain. As the temperature can drastically vary during transit, it is important to keep track of the temperature. When a product goes below an acceptable range, the product may encounter unexpected delays or be stored in less than ideal conditions, affecting the quality and standard. These temperature indicators are a cost-effective way to monitor the temperature if it goes below the acceptable range. With the information gathered from these indicators, changes and decisions can be made across the cold chain to ensure that products are protected.

The ColdMark should be placed at a location where it is visible to the shipment receiver being monitored. It can be stuck directly onto the product or inside the packaging. It is important to test the location before shipment to determine where an appropriate position is for the shipment. For optimal care for these indicators, they should be stored at least 5°C above the activation temperature with a maximum of 43°C.

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  • Delivers irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions 
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for last-mile monitoring
  • Enables easy accept/reject decisions to be made
  • Assists in verifying the adequacy of the cold chain packaging
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1ºC
  • Activation Time: 30 minutes or less
  • Storage Conditions: Store product above activation temperature, up to 43ºC
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of sale

Available Temperatures:

  • -3°C/26°F
  • 0°C/32°F
  • 2°C/36°F
  • 5°C/41°F
  • 10°C/50°F

ColdMark Product Brochure: Download

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