Using Vacuum Sealing Machines for Food

Vacuum Sealing Machines

Using Vacuum Sealing Machines for Food

What are Vacuum Sealing Machines? 

A vacuum sealer is a machine that removes the air from a plastic bag or any other storage container and then closes the container to prevent any further air from entering. Vacuum sealing preserves food by eliminating the oxygen that the bacteria and mould require to develop. It also prevents freezer burn, allowing frozen items to last longer. 


  1. Prevent Freezer Burn

Vacuum-sealed foods are protected from freezer burn and dehydration. When air comes into contact with water molecules around food, freezer burn occurs. Vacuum sealing helps to prevent this by keeping air away from the food. Freezer burn is not harmful to one’s health, but it does affect the flavour and texture of the food. 

  1. Fresher Food for a Longer Period

The lack of air exposure enables longer preservation and protection in the refrigerator or cabinet. Vacuum sealing preserves food by preventing mould, fungus, and bacteria from growing. This is especially useful when purchasing seasonal foods and food that deteriorate rapidly, such as vegetables, lettuce, and meats. It also works with almonds, spaghetti, crackers, and other foods that get stale when exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air. 

  1. All-Year Freshness

Another excellent application for vacuum sealing is storing seasonal products, such as tomatoes or berries, for use over the winter. This way, one may enjoy products all year long and taste perfectly fresh even when they are out of season. 

  1. Save Money

Vacuum packing extends the shelf life of food, reducing waste and saving money. Many food categories have seen massive increases in the amount of time they can be stored: 

Vacuum Sealing Machines

  1. Minimise Waste

When purchased in bulk, food might become freezer burned or forgotten in the fridge to save money. Vacuum sealing extra food and leftovers saves money and reduces food waste.  It also reduces packaging waste by eliminating the need to purchase additional packaged products. 

  1. No Chemical Preservation

Using vacuum sealing bags, one can make their own fresh marinated food and store it for later use. This avoids the need to purchase frozen marinated foods at the store, which may contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

  1. Increase Cabinet Space

By vacuum sealing products and stacking them on the side, more space is created in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for other food items such as cans and boxes. 

  1. Quick and Efficient

Having food ready to go by vacuum sealing it into healthy servings or having ready-to-go leftover meals saves time. 

What Foods can be Vacuum Sealed? 

Almost any product may be vacuum wrapped readily, including meats, vegetables, hard fruits, and bulk foods. However, a few exceptions demand extra care or should not be sealed. 

Blanch Before Vacuum Sealing: 

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and turnips can all be vacuum packed, but only after they have been blanched. After short boiling and submerging in cold water to stop the cooking process, these commodities can be safely sealed and frozen. Blanching halts enzyme synthesis, which causes quality and colour to deteriorate with time. 

Do Not Vacuum Seal: 

Vacuum sealing should be avoided when it comes to mushrooms, garlic, and soft/unpasteurized cheeses like Brie and Ricotta. These items may contain anaerobic bacteria, which can thrive in an oxygen-free environment inside a vacuum bag. 

Allow foods to cool to normal temperature before sealing them, as higher temperatures are more prone to house bacteria. Ensure that meals are chilled securely and kept out of the temperature danger zone for as long as possible. 

Types of vacuum sealer machines 

Consider what one expects the machine to deliver when selecting the best vacuum sealer. The two primary options are chamber and exterior (also known as out-of-chamber) machines. The one you choose depends on how much sealing you want to accomplish, whether you are packaging liquids, and your budget. A pistol-style vacuum sealer may also be effective in some specific applications. 

Chamber Vacuum Sealer 

Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for applications that require a high volume of sealing, batch sealing, or liquid sealing. They are more expensive upfront than a tabletop vacuum sealer, but they give significantly higher performance and adaptability. A chamber machine is practically a must-have if one regularly packs liquid-rich foods. 

Tabletop Vacuum Sealer 

Tabletop vacuum sealers are a great option if you plan on sealing occasionally and will not be sealing liquids. They are less expensive than chamber machines and create a quality seal. However, they lack the adaptability and performance that a chamber unit can give. A tabletop vacuum sealer is ideal if you are new to vacuum packaging or simply require low-duty equipment. 

Pistol-Type Vacuum Sealers 

Pistol vacuum sealer is best suited for applications where it is easier to take the sealer to the bag rather than the other way around. It employs a unique bag with a built-in valve; one physically seals the bag with the accompanying handheld sealer tool before drawing air out via the valve. The pistol-style handle allows one to draw air out as needed, similar to a classic tabletop sealer’s pulse mode. 

Industrial Vacuum Sealer  

The Industrial Vacuum Sealer is an established vacuum impulse sealer. The sealer machine, built on a tried-and-true basis, combines quality, durability, and versatility. This vacuum sealer is designed to accommodate a wide variety of options and configurations. It also comes with a gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, bi-active seal bars for top and bottom heat during sealing, and independent vacuum, gas, seal, and cool timers. The Industrial Vacuum Sealer caters to unique process requirements and can be utilised in various industries such as industrial, automotive, food, chemical, and components production. 


Vacuum sealing is one of the greatest methods for storing food and offers several advantages. Presently, the number of countertop and handheld vacuum food sealers on the market is bigger than ever before, and they span every price range. As a result, numerous machines are available to meet a person’s individual needs.