What is a Shrink Wrap?

What is a Shrink Wrap

What is a Shrink Wrap?

Shrink Wrap, also known as shrink film, is made from polymer plastic films. Shrink Wraps are thin, highly flexible, and elastic. The transparent and stretchable wraps offer a layer of protective cover to any goods. A polymer-based plastic sheet is the most common material of choice when it comes to shrinking wraps. The most common Shrink Wrap used is a polyolefin, as it is available in varieties of thickness, strength, clarity, and shrink ratios. Other materials include PVC, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene. 

How Does a Shrink Wrap Works?

Shrink Wrap works on the following principle: when heated, it contracts (shrinks) and covers the material being protected. Typically, heat is applied using an electric or hand-held gas gun, and the product plus film passes through a heat tunnel on a conveyor belt. Shrink Wrap helps create air-tight protection around the item.

Shrink Wraps only allow carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass through. It protects the substance beneath from contamination because it restricts the flow of any other gas. Water condensation inside the surface is prevented by shrink wraps made with the advanced Antifog formula. As a result, the quality and texture of the products are preserved.


Advantages of Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is an affordable packaging material compared to others available in the market. It minimises space usage and keeps your items bundled together without using bulky packaging material such as boxes. This way, you save money on storage as well as transport.


Shrink Wraps can be customised with colours, images, words, and logos to match your brand. Rather than just packaging in plastic, using customised shrink wrap for packaging can add a personal touch and also increase customer awareness and visibility of your brand.


The best thing about Shrink Wraps is that they can be used on an item of any size. Shrink wrap covers everything from small wires and candies to boats and freight trailers. 


The Shrink Wrap is very durable and sturdy. It takes a lot of force to puncture or tear it. Shrink wrap, unlike other packaging materials, does not weaken or become brittle in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Once you have heated and sealed the Shrink Wrap, it will not sag or loosen its grip.


Heat-applied Shrink Wraps provide a tight seal that fully protects the item. Once sealed, the package is protected from any external damage, such as dirt, dust, or moisture. Some shrink wraps have UV protection, protecting your products from the sun.


Shrink Wraps help preserve fresh food, fruits, and vegetables for a long time by protecting them from outside contaminants. Food industries regularly use food-grade shrink wraps.


Since Shrink Wraps holds and seals its shape, any tampering attempt will be easily noticeable. That is the reason pharmaceutical companies use shrink wrap on their products.


Applications of Shrink Wraps
Food & Beverages

Shrink films are widely used in the food and beverage industries, particularly during the shipping and storage of consumables when food products are shipped over long distances and stored in containers. Without proper packaging, this can lead to spoilage and contamination – because of transportation impacts, changing environment and climate, and shelf life. However, if the manufacturers package their products in Shrink Wraps, they will stay fresh for longer.


Shrink Wraps are used in the construction industry to shrink wrap buildings such as roofs after a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or other natural disasters. It also encourages the safe and effective removal of hazardous contaminants like asbestos and lead.


Shrink Wrap is also used to protect books and high-quality comics and manga. Several book collectors prefer to keep their novels or comic books in their original mint condition. If the products are exposed to the elements without a cover, they may become unsellable. In such a scenario, Shrink Wraps come in handy.



Shrink Wrap is the ideal packaging solution if you want to use a more cost-effective, efficient, and secure method of transporting your goods. Eco-friendly and recyclable shrink wraps are also available.