Unlike other typical pouches, the Microwavable Pouch is incorporated with a unique Polyester Film coated with Alumina (AIOx) as its protective layer instead of the standard aluminium layer. This film enables the pouch to be heated as a whole in the microwave while preventing electrical sparks from occurring. Featuring a unique self-venting capability, the Microwavable Pouch brings convenience to its users during food preparation by eliminating the need to leave any openings in the pouch when heating the food in the microwave.

The pouch is also equipped with a stand-up feature that helps maintain food composition while allowing customers to consume their food with ease of mind without fearing the toppling of pouches. The Microwavable Pouch also allows graphic printing to be made, allowing companies to showcase their brand and product information.

Here in Stream Peak, we provide various food packaging solutions for different needs and applications. Also, we also offer Oxygen Absorber to help reduce the aerobic environment to minimal oxygen levels and Ethylene Absorber, which slows down the ripening process of fresh fruits and vegetables, to maintain the freshness and quality of food products while prolonging their shelf life.

Key Features

  • Self-venting
  • Able to stand vertically
  • Oxygen & moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof

Selection Guide

  • NY/CCP