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  • What are Desiccants?
    What are Desiccants?
    Desiccants are substances that absorb moisture from their surroundings. The primary function of desiccants is to facilitate and maintain low humidity environments by absorbing excess moisture from the air. They...
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  • Silica Gel vs Oxygen Absorbers
    Silica Gel vs Oxygen Absorbers
    Are you looking to keep your products protected from oxygen or moisture? Did you know that there are different solutions available depending on whether you are looking to protect specifically...
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  • Donation to Cancer Research
    Donation to Cancer Research
    Recently, HumiPak has donated in support of Brownell, towards their Charity Barbeque to fund-raiser for Cancer Research UK as part of our CSR and efforts to give back to society....
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  • What is Silica gel?
    What is Silica gel?
    Sometimes found in food packaging, you’ll find a small, white packet with “silica gel” written on it. Have you ever wondered what this silica gel is and why we find...
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  • What are Lashing Bands?
    What are Lashing Bands?
    All That You Wanted To Know About Lashing Bands The industrial lifting equipment industry is worth billions of dollars with equipment ranging from the mighty cranes to simple tie-down hardware...
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  • What is Activated Alumina?
    What is Activated Alumina?
    You might’ve heard of this term about activated alumina, or might even be familiar with the term. But this activated alumina might have benefited you a number of times over...
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