Poly Mailer Automatic Baggers

For single or multi-line mail order fulfilment, the Auto Baggers can seal and print labels on bags up to 22” broad and create a large square opening up to 11” x 11” to conveniently load products. There is a wide range of Auto Bag Automatic Baggers for Poly Mailer bagging applications like tabletop and large floor standing units. Both pre-opened bags on a roll and poly tubing can be used when operating. Using the poly tubing method allows the operator to adjust the Poly Mailer’s size accordingly, lowering the total packaging cost. The Automatic Baggers can print shipping information directly on the bag, and it is connectable to a thermal label applicator which does not require a printer ribbon. This machine is suitable for applications involving prescription by mail fulfilment, apparel, fashion accessories, sporting goods, and footwear.