Thermal Container Liner

Passive temperature management is necessary for temperature-sensitive products during storage and shipping. A Thermal Container Liner is an easy and cost-effective method inside dry shipping containers. It provides protection to the products from deterioration due to fluctuations in temperature, moisture, and humidity during transportation. Thermal Container Liners may be made up of different insulating materials such as metallised bubble packing.

It protects the shipping container from dirt and odour, which helps to reduce cleaning costs. It ensures that both the contents of the container and the container itself remain safe and protected. The Thermal Container Liner also guarantees tool-free and quick assembly time and can be used efficiently inside standard cargo containers. Companies can use this liner for a vast variety of products, ranging from chemicals to food, beverages to clothing, machinery, and vehicles.

Protect Products from Temperature and Humidity with Thermal Container Liner

The use of a Thermal Container Liner helps maintain and regulate the temperature inside the cargo container through insulation. They maintain a difference of 10ºC to 20ºC between the packaging’s interior and the container’s exterior. Moreover, they prevent the formation and dripping of condensation inside the vessel on the packaged products protecting them from mould and corrosion.

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