Boost Humidity Packs

The varying levels of moisture inside the packaging and storage can damage or deteriorate the stored products. Boost Humidity Packs provide an extremely effective way to control humidity levels within the package and extend storage life. This state-of-the-art desiccant has a patented technology that works in two ways.

It both releases and absorbs moisture to maintain relative humidity levels inside a contained environment. It maintains relative humidity at about 62% and can be used effectively for all kinds of cigarette packaging, food packets, medicines, etc. It is a chemical and salt-free, nontoxic desiccant that does not change the packaged products’ aroma and flavours while doing its work.

The Boost Humidity Pack comes in small-sized individual sachet packs, which also have an indicator card. There is a round dot on the card that changes its colour from pink to blue, which is an indication that it is time to replace the pack of humidity controllers with a new one. It is also available in different sizes.

Maintain an Optimal Storage Environment through Regulating Humidity Levels in Product Packaging and Storage with Boost Humidity Packs.

Here at Stream Peak, we offer high-quality Boost Humidity Packs to help companies create and maintain an optimal environment to protect their assets. The sachet pack comes with humidity indicator cards to provide visual indications when the product needs replacement. They are FDA-approved packs, printed using food-grade inks, and free from chemicals and toxins, making them applicable within food items packaging. We provide a wide range of desiccant products according to the needs of the various industries at wholesale prices.

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  • Boost Humidity Packs
    Boost Humidity Pack is a humidity controller to ensure that products remain fresh and top-quality. Boost Humidity Packs 62% R.H....