Filtration Media Pellets

When products are in transit, they are highly vulnerable to frequent temperature and humidity fluctuations. These factors can cause the products to release harmful gases and pollutants inside the pallet, leading to the spoilage of perishable and temperature-sensitive products. When placed inside the product packaging, carbon-activated Filtration Pallets absorb hazardous gases, such as ethylene, and purify the internal environment. There is a wide range of filtration media available for both packaging and industrial applications. Some Filtration Pellets help neutralise acidic compounds, volatile organic compounds, and low molecular pollutants while others absorb chlorine, control fungi development, and eliminate harmful elements. These products effectively eliminate VOCs, neutralise acids, and other harmful compounds, and have a high gas absorbency rate. They are applicable in different industries, such as product supply, water treatment plants, and many others.

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