VCI Powder

VCI Powder is a unique water-soluble chemical compound used to control the corrosion of aluminium and ferrous metals. It has a white crystalline appearance and offers an ideal solution for dry fogging, hydro testing, or additive to different water-based solutions like metal washing compounds, final rinsing solutions in the production line and test baths. It effectively prevents the corrosion of metals and rusting due to unfavourable environmental conditions such as seawater, high humidity, or moisture, or harsh environments. The VCI Powder can be applied through a dry or wet technique. It offers an easy and quick application and does not require processing for use. An air gun or water can be applied to remove it easily when needed. The layer of powder does not interfere with the function of mechanical metal components.

Control Aluminum and Ferrous Metal Corrosion with VCI Powder

VCI products provide protection to various metal surfaces, enclosed components and systems against corrosion and rust. The VCI Powder can be applied to stainless steel, carbon, aluminium, ferrous metals and used effectively in enclosed spaces, voids and cavities both sealed or closed following application. It is applied in voids or in the internal cavities, which need to be covered, such as tubular structures, boilers, tanks, engines, vessels, turbines and other similar structures, metal components and assembled products during storage and shipping. The application method of the powder is simple and easy – apply it by fogging, sprinkling or dusting and covering, sealing or closing the void or cavity after application.

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