Ice Gel Packs

Ice Gel Pack is a certified high-quality and economical refrigerant polymer gel that complies with the FDA regulation. Made with Japan-grade materials and manufactured in Singapore, the long-lasting, non-toxic polymer Ice Gel Packs are ideal with packaging for refrigerated products.

Stream Peak’s Ice Gel Pack uses a 0°C (32°F) gel formulation made with puncture-resistant nylon laminate film. These reusable Ice Gel Packs can maintain a thermal environment for temperature-sensitive products’ safety more efficiently than ice. Ice Gel Packs help to prevent spoilage and ensure that food products stay fresh and are in good condition. They are also lead proof and conform with Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament.

Ice Gel Packs are recommended together with a thermal insulating box to provide a cool temperature and ensure optimal cold chain packaging during transportation. Use our temperature data loggers or temperature labels with packaging to monitor shipment. These Ice Gel Packs are suitable for food, chemical, health care, logistics, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, and are commonly used together with food products such as seafood, chocolate, ice cream and frozen meat or sausages.

Inspections and quality checks are conducted daily in our in house laboratory. ISO 9001 and 140001 certifications ensure constant improvement in our manufacturing process to meet high-quality requirements. Ready to freeze and a wide range of stock sizes are available from 20gm to 1kg. We also offer customisation with printing for bulk quantities. Feel free to talk to our packaging engineers if you need help with your packaging requirements!

  • Ice Peak Ice Gel Packs
    The Ice Peak Ice Gel Pack is designed to ensure that chemical, pharmaceutical, and perishable food products are kept chilled to...