Condensation Terminator Sheets

Cargo Containers are highly prone to moisture and condensation, causing damage to the products during shipping. The Condensation Terminator Sheet is a hassle-free and simple solution to prevent condensation and measure moisture inside the container. Condensation happens when water vapours present in the air of the container convert into a liquid state. They rise and condense on the container’s roof and walls and form small water droplets. With frequent occurrence of condensation, the water droplets gather to become dense. They eventually fall and drip on the surface of the contained products. Moisture causes deterioration, moulds and mildew formation, corrosion and other types of damage. Without preventive measures, this situation can lead to significant losses.

Prevent Moisture Damage to the Cargo with Condensation Terminator Sheets

The Condensation Terminator Sheet quickly absorbs water by collecting water droplets from the container roof and walls. It works as a barrier for water droplets and also provides durable protection without sagging. It is an easy to use, efficient and economical solution for preventing damage due to moisture within the container. The application’s performance may differ depending on the cargo’s physical characteristics and varying environmental conditions.

  • Condensation Terminator Sheet
    The Condensation Terminator Sheet (CT Sheet) is a countermeasure solution used to prevent moisture damage in cargo and at the...