Humidity Controller (Art)

Protect art pieces and artefacts with Humidity Controller (Art). Historic art pieces and artefacts are highly vulnerable to damage due to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The presence of humidity in the environment can damage these valuable historical assets. It can cause cracking, colour fading and deformation. Therefore, they require a robust and powerful solution to counter the effects of humidity and temperature changes.

Humidity Controller (Art) protects invaluable art pieces and historical artefacts. They prevent humidity from destroying treasured historical documents, paintings, fragile fabrics and many other timeless pieces. These products have accurate moisture absorbing capabilities, which help in maintaining ideal moisture and temperature levels.

The Humidity Controller (Art) is made from highly sensitive silica, which absorbs excess moisture and maintains stable humidity levels within the sealed environment. Through this maintenance-free and cost-effective humidity controller, it is possible to prevent the degradation of art pieces due to climatic fluctuations and preserve heritage items for generations. It remains effective for up to five years.

Quality Art Sorb Humidity Controller at Stream Peak 

High-quality humidity absorbing solutions help preserve the historical pieces of art, documents, delicate fabrics and many more things from damage and deterioration. They have five-time moisture buffering capabilities as compared to conventional silica gel products. These products work more efficiently at higher relative humidity levels. Our Art Sorb products are available in the form of non-woven sheets, cassettes and beads. Place the humidity controllers at the bottom, sides and top of the display cases or within a frame inside a box.

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