Packaging Materials

Save Products in Storage and Transit with Secure and Practical Packaging

Products must reach consumers without damage and in the best condition. This is only possible with robust, safe, and practical packaging. Proper Packaging Materials and Techniques hold paramount importance in securely transporting and storing products. The products that need shipping are so diverse in their shapes and sizes that it is impossible to standardise the shape, type, and size of product packaging for transportation. This means that companies need tailored packaging plastic solutions that fit their specific product types and packaging requirements. Proper product packaging minimises the risk of damage and offers superior protection against different internal and external conditions that are likely to damage products in transit. Quality packaging solutions that comply with international standards provide a cost-effective and safe way to transport valuable products to their final destination.

At Stream Peak, we understand the need for appropriate Packaging Materials for different cargo loads. Whether it is industrial equipment, consumer goods, or temperature-sensitive products, we have solutions for different product types. We offer packaging solutions for cargo transportation, including ground, sea, air, and rail. All our Packaging Materials comply with international standards and offer maximum protection to the shipped goods. From hazard bags to moisture barrier bags, packing list envelopes, HDPE/LDPE plastic bags, poly mailers, stretch film, aluminium foil, and many others, we provide our clients with a vast range of biodegradable packaging solutions for both shipping and storage.

  • Packaging Tape
    Stream Peak supplies packaging tape like Gummed Paper Tape and OPP Tape which offers super adhesion to the surface and a strong grip...
  • Packaging Film
    Stream Peak supplies packaging films like Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film and Reinforced Aluminium Foil to offer product protection from damage such as physical impact,...
  • Bags & Pouches Packaging
    Stream Peak provides different forms of Bags & Pouches Packaging to provide greater protection for products to suit various business...