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Gummed Tape with Dispenser

Gummed Tape Dispensers

Gummed Tape Dispensers are ideal for quickly sealing corrugated boxes [K]

Shrink Wrap Machine

The shrink wrap machine is a combination of a sealing [K]

Tabletop Chamber Vacuum Sealers with a transparent lid with a deep drawn stainless steel chamber & a digital control

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Chamber Vacuum Sealers are established and efficient in removing maximum [K]

Tabletop Paper Banding Machine featuring a control panel with auto, manual & pedal switch mode

Tabletop Paper Banding Machine

The Tabletop Paper Banding Machine is handy, mobile and suitable [K]

Stainless Steel Table Top Vacuum Sealer with a SureSeal digital interface & a footswitch

Tabletop Vacuum Sealer

The Tabletop Vacuum Sealer is an outstanding vacuum sealer, applicable [K]

Stainless Steel Industrial Vacuum Sealer with a SureSeal digital interface, pressure gauges with regulator & a footswitch

Industrial Vacuum Sealer

The Industrial Vacuum Sealer is superior and best in its [K]

An Anti Rust Spray bottle, which says Nox-Rust 4500, industrial corrosion Protection

Anti Rust Spray

Convenient and easy to use, the Anti Rust Spray is [K]

High Table Banding Machine, featuring a control panel with auto, manual & pedal switch mode

High Table Banding Machine

The High Table Banding Machine enables comfortable working conditions with [K]

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