Multi-Lane Packaging Machine

The Multi-Lane Packaging Machine is a packaging solution that features a range of functions supporting the packaging process, from measuring products to sealing the bag. The machine measures, fill, forms the bag, prints data code, seals & cuts the bags efficiently. Made of high-quality material, this enhances the durability and efficiency of the machine, making it applicable for a wide range of products such as; powders, liquids, paste, and small granulated foods. The machine is fully automated and little to no maintenance and training is required for it. It also comes with customisable features configured using the advanced PLC Control System with a touch screen. Our machine meets a range of packaging needs with its versatile features, making it a cost-effective solution to pack your goods effectively without worries. The Multi-Lane Packaging Machine is available in three models to suit different application needs.

Key Features

  • Automatically efficiently complete multi-lane products measuring, feeding, filling, bag forming, date code printing, bag sealing & cutting
  • Advance PLC control system
  • Touch screen controls, easy to read & adjust
  • Servo motor controls for bag pulling & horizontal seal
  • Film smooth transportation with motorising tension control on film unwinding
  • Automatic film diving to N lanes from one reel
  • Convenient & easy maintenance & cleaning with openable electric cabinets
  • Safety guard switch to meet CE protection request

Multi-Lane Packaging Machine Product Brochure