Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Masking Film is a pressure-sensitive and adhesive corrosion inhibitor film. When applied, the film fixates firmly to the metal surfaces and can be removed without the worry of residue. The VCI film functions as a temporary barrier for metals throughout the manufacturing process and logistic supply chain. This bluish transparent film is made of durable acrylic that is odourless, lightweight and non-toxic.

This durability of the acrylic allows the film to withstand cutting, stretching, bending, stamping or roll forming, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty industrial equipment, metal fabrications and polished or uneven surfaces. When in indoor conditions, the protection can last up to 6 months. Not only is the film capable of preventing corrosion, but it also allows workers to inspect the content without exposing the metals too.

Benefits of VCI Masking Film
  • Protects metal surfaces from physical scratches, marring and corrosion
  • Designed for temporary protection of exposed metal surfaces during manufacture, storage and shipment
  • Strong, transparent film protects the metal against defects and prevents corrosion for up to 6 months indoors.
Use the Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Masking Film when
  • The metal surface needs to remain corrosion-free and flawless until ready for use,
  • It is labour-intense or impractical to rework, repaint and remove surface imperfections by hand,
  • Quality of the finished part plays a crucial role in a quality system.

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Key Features


  • Specialty finishes that need to remain flawless
  • Precision and machined metal surfaces
  • Polished Surfaces
  • Metals that require protection from defects during manufacturing, fabrication,
  • When it is impractical to manually remove, repaint and rework imperfections.
  • Quality of the finished part is an important part of a quality system.
  • Metal fabrications, metal service centres, doors and trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment and machines that are stored indoors

Product Features

  • Multi-metal VCI protection
  • Reduce rejects due to surface damage and corrosion
  • Lightweight, odorless, safe and easy to handle
  • Water-based, pressure sensitive adhesive system
  • Clean peel film; leaves no residue on the metal surface
  • Withstands bending, cutting and forming operations
  • Transparent film permits inspection
  • Available in rolls up to 80″ wide