VCI Poly Wrap is a lightweight, durable, flexible and easily foldable woven coated fabric made with a unique blend of VCI to keep metal free of rust and oxidation. The VCI poly wrap is an excellent protective packaging solution due to its strong physical characteristics, which allows it to withstand the stresses. Therefore making it ideal for packaging wrapping steel coils, steel sheeting and equipment that requires physical and corrosion.

It is incorporated with a woven fabric coated with VCI, making it ideal for wrapping steel sheeting, steel coils and equipment to keep it free from corrosion. The poly wrap is 100% woven polyolefin structure and special polyolefin coated to provide enhanced abrasion resistance and tear strength. Light, long-lasting and pliable, the poly wrap is capable of protecting metal parts from moisture and vapour transmission. In addition, it is also recyclable.

Streampeak’s volatile corrosion inhibitor poly wrap is best suited for protecting metals such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass during storage and export.

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