Create Unique Packaging with Void Fillers

Void Fillers

Create Unique Packaging with Void Fillers

With the fragmented way customers connect with brands these days, packaging is more important than ever. According to David Edelman of McKinsey & Company, 

“Increasingly, consumers put off a purchase decision until they’re actually in a store—and, as we’ll see, they may be easily dissuaded. As a result, the point of purchase—which exploits positioning, packaging, availability, pricing, and sales interactions—is becoming an increasingly strong touchpoint.” 

While people try not to assess things only on their appearance, the fact is that most consumers care a lot about first impressions. Today, a product’s packaging is just as crucial as the product itself and a poor packaging design might not help with increasing sales. 

Unique item packaging is critical to the growth of most business and its marketing strategy. If appropriately designed, a basic cardboard box may be transformed into a communication tool. It may act as a silent salesperson for the brand by entertaining and engaging customers. 

Important factors about packaging 

When choosing a product’s packaging, there are several factors to consider. It should protect what is inside, allow for easy storage, display product information, and pique customers’ interest if displayed. 


Packaging safeguards goods throughout the entire logistical chain, from producer to end-user.  It protects the product against moisture, light, heat, and other environmental factors. The fundamental function of packaging is to protect its contents from damage during transportation, handling, and storage. As a result, it is not uncommon to receive far more packaging than actual goods, particularly when purchasing products from online retailers. Thus, the amount of packaging waste produced by a product may be surprising.  


Unique packaging is an important aspect of product branding and promotion. Special packaging may enhance the appearance of products and persuade customers to buy it. Packaging is critical for the goods but it has the potential to do more for the product brand’s product. If done correctly, it may stand out on the shelf, increase sales, provide important information about the goods, and strengthen attention. Two-thirds of people think packaging influences their purchase decisions. 

 Unique packaging can also convey an entire story about the company behind the goods and the item’s environmental, social, and economic consequences. It is a tool for communicating the firm’s ideals as well as the numerous advantages that the product offers to the client. 


An increasing number of customers consider the carbon footprint, reusability, and recyclability of packaging materials before purchasing. Indeed, the greater the positive perception of sustainable packaging, the greater the influence on sales figures. The packaging design is important in determining how easy it is to separate the materials from one another and thus how easy it is to reuse and recycle the packaging. Making more with less saves resources and leaves less material for the customer to handle properly.  

Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental consequences of their actions. Before purchasing a product, they consider the carbon footprint of the packaging. The labelling on the packaging that provides clear information on the environmental impacts and recyclability of the product and packaging will surely capture the consumer’s attention. 

Packaging trends 

The unboxing experience  

Packaging is more than simply a box for e-commerce and retail businesses alike. As an online retailer, packaging is the first tangible point of contact between the business and customers. For retail stores, the packaging is what makes the product stand out. An unboxing experience may make or break each of these scenarios. An unpacking experience will leave the consumer thinking, ‘Wow, I received a lot more than expected.’ 

This is a feeling that, if properly utilised, may lead to customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction – three powerful criteria for any company. 

Begin by working on the branding inside the box. That may be a beautiful ‘thank you for picking us’ message printed on the inside lid of the mailer box, or it could be the brand’s primary colour printed internally.  

In any case, what’s on the inside is what matters. Void filler, such as customised tissue paper or kraft paper, may give a touch of elegance and demonstrate to the buyer that the purchased was a good decision. 

An effective unpacking experience also lays the groundwork for products to be included in an unboxing video. It not only makes a good impression on the person filming the video, but it also helps the product and brand stand out in the world of consumer reviews and user-generated content.  


Taking a step back with the packaging design is a fantastic approach to stand out. There are several unique packaging concepts that complement the minimalist design aesthetic. 

It might be as basic as utilising only the logo and letting the natural texture of kraft cardboard speak for itself. 

It may be as basic as a white mailer box with a pastel-colored sleeve doing all the talking. 

Packaging ideas 

Printed boxes or mailers 

Personalised printed boxes can be costly. However, “printing” boxes with a custom stamp. A 5-inch long x 5-inch wide custom stamp with art and text costs roughly $70-$100. 

If a custom stamp is not possible, consider using standard stamps in an unusual way. Roller stamps can also be customised to make the packaging box appear to be wrapped in ribbons. Roller stamps may be made with food designs, clothing patterns, and plant designs. 

Unusual materials 

It is tempting to use expensive ribbons and materials. However, basic, low-cost materials can function just as well. It is the creativity with which they are used that makes them work. 

So do not limit too much in terms of materials. Consider alternatives to the gift store. Here are a few more examples of unique packaging materials that are inexpensive: 

  • Aluminium foil (not for exterior packages) 
  • Wallpaper 
  • Butcher paper 
  • Old, discontinued hiking maps 
  • Twine 
  • Wool or yarn 

Poly mailers are a simple method to save money on shipping and can be produced in small quantities with personalised graphics. These are most suited for clothing, t-shirts, and other non-breakable items. 

Void fillers  

Whether choosing a fully customised box or a basic box with a printed logo design, adding personalised inside parts to the packaging will provide customers with a fully branded experience. 

Some unique void fillers include packing peanuts, tissue paper, and kraft paper. All of them are a unique alternative to regular bubble wrap.  

Why are Packing peanuts an excellent void filler?  

They are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They can be customised in a variety of colours to match the company’s branding. Packing peanuts can be used to make a variety of crafts. Options include filing boxes with them, link them together, paint them, or do something completely different. Hence, they make an excellent choice for customising packaging for customers.  

Tissue paper is also an excellent alternative since it is made from a thinner material that may save cost on materials and also create a favourable consumer branding experience. Another inventive way to improve the unboxing experience is to include an insert and a pre-printed thank you letter with the delivery which adds a nice personal touch to each box at a low cost. 

This customised unpacking experience has the potential to create a lasting impression on clients and impact future purchasing behaviours with the companies’ brand image. 


Packaging has evolved into an important aspect of the customer experience. It influences word of mouth and increases loyalty. It is a crucial component of the marketing strategy. Furthermore, unique packaging does not have to be expensive; we simply need to think outside the box.